Please download and return these completed forms to us with your payment.


  • Session 1 - SUNDAY, June 29 - FRIDAY, July 4
  • Coaches: Hansi Wiens, Theo Woodward, Michelle Clayton, and Moustafa Hamada, Kim Lyle (ATC)

  • Session 2 - (Intensive weeks) SUNDAY, July 6 - FRIDAY, July 18
  • Coaches: Hansi Wiens, Theo Woodward, Michelle Clayton, Marc Davis, Ashley Tidman, Marc Funk, Moustafa Hamada, Kim Lyle (ATC)

  • Session 3 - (Intensive weeks) SUNDAY, July 20 - FRIDAY, August 1
  • Coaches: Hansi Wiens, Theo Woodward, Chris Brownell, Michelle Clayton, Marc Davis, Ashley Tidman, Marc Funk, Moustafa Hamada, Gary Gargan, Kim Lyle (ATC)

  • Session 4 - SUNDAY, August 3 - FRIDAY, August 8
  • Coaches: Hansi Wiens, Theo Woodward, Michelle Clayton, Moustafa Hamada, Kim Lyle (ATC)


  • 7.30am Wake up
  • 7.45am-8.30am Breakfast
  • 9am-11.30am Coaching/Fitness
  • 11.30am – noon Pool
  • 12.30pm-2pm Lunch
  • 3.30pm- 5.30pm Squash/Drills/Conditioning Games
  • 5.30pm- 6pm Cool-down and flexibility training
  • 6.15pm-7.15 pm Dinner
  • 8pm-9.30pm Evening activities*
  • 10pm Sign-in
  • 11pm Lights off
*our evening activities will include movies, bowling, doubles tennis tournament, Frisbee, game night, squash videos, etc. Full practice days will be Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday for the single week session and Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday for intensive weeks. Wednesday will be half day with morning squash practice and trip to the Storrs Pond in the afternoon.


Both BOARDING CAMPERS and NON-BOARDING CAMPERS should plan to arrive at camp between noon – 2.30 pm on the opening day of each session. Registration will be at the Richardson Dormitory. Please check the directions below. Our on-court camper evaluation will begin approximately at 3:30 pm. Please plan to arrive at camp in plenty of time to relax and move into the dorm. To make registration as smooth as possible for both overnight and non-boarding campers, we ask that you bring $50.00 cash or check for the Meal Card/Room Key deposit and cash for whatever amount of miscellaneous spending money for the week.
Dartmouth charges a $50.00 key replacement fee for each lost meal card/room key. The Meal Card/Room Key deposit will be returned to each camper on the final day of the camp provided they do not lose their meal card or room key. The first meal at camp is dinner on Sunday.


At the advise of the hospital, we need a copy of the front and back of each camper’s medical insurance card. Just having the company and policy number is not enough. Please include this when you return your completed and SIGNED health form. We cannot make copies during registration. This is a requirement for your child's admission to camp. We ask you to mail it back at least two weeks prior the begin of your child’s session


Hansi Wiens Squash Camps at Dartmouth will fully reimburse the payment for the session if canceled before May 15th.
If canceled after May 15th but before June 15th we will reimburse the payment minus $600 processing and administration fee.
There will be no refunds for a session canceled after June 15th.


FROM BOSTON: Take I-93 North to I-89 North in Concord, NH. Take NH exit 18. Bear right off the next onto Rt. 120 North into Hanover. Stay to the right at the 5th traffic light. (There is a Mobil Gas Station on the right.) Turn left onto East Wheelock Street/NH-10. Turn right onto Observatory Road (across from the tennis courts). Turn 1st left and the Richardson Dorm will be the three-story brick building on the right.
FROM NEW YORK: Take I-91 North. Take VT exit 13. Bear right off the exit onto Rt. 10A East crossing into NH. After seeing the Dartmouth Green on your left, turn left onto Observatory Road (across from the tennis courts). Turn 1st left and the Richardson Dorm will be the three-story brick building on the right. .Campus maps available online at


On the final day of each camp session (Friday), pick up is between noon and 2 pm at the Richardson Dormitory.


Lunch is included in the non-boarding camper tuition beginning with lunch on Monday and concluding with lunch on Friday. Hopefully, this will be more convenient for parents.
The non-boarding camper's Sunday schedule begins with camper registration as mentioned on the first sheet and ends at the dorm around 8:00pm. The Monday- Thursday daily schedule begins either at the Richardson dorm 7.30am – 8.45 am or at 9am at the courts (Berry Sports Center) with pick-up at the Richardson Dorm at 5pm after the second session of the day or after the evening activity around 8:30pm depending on the evening activity schedule.


Campers will have access to a phone in the dormitory. They will be able to make calls in New Hampshire free of charge, and out of state calls are collect or with a calling card. It may be more convenient to send them with a cell phone for privacy instead of the kids using the dorm hall phone.

You can reach our staff at:

  • OFFICE: (603) 646-1495
  • CELL: 603-306-1297


If you would like to send your camper cards, letters, or care packages, please use the following address:

  • (Your child's name)
  • c/o Hansi Wiens Squash Camps
  • 6083 Alumni Gym
  • Hanover, New Hampshire 03755-3512


The college dormitories have extra-long twin beds, desks, chairs, and dressers, but no pillows, linens, blankets or towels. Please bring these items for your son/daughter.


Upper Valley summers can get very hot and since the dormitories are not equipped with Air Conditioning systems we strongly encourage every camper to bring a fan for personal use in the dorm room that will help keep the room cool and ventilated. There will be several fans in the common room area but no personal fans will be provided by the camp.


Hansi Wiens Squash Camps reserves the right to dismiss any camper if their conduct is deemed unacceptable. No refunds will be given in the case of inappropriate conduct.


  • Squash shoes are a must! No running, soccer, or cross training shoes will be allowed on court!
  • Running shoes that the campers will be able to wear on the outside track
  • Squash rackets (preferably two or three)
  • Bathing trunks/suit
  • Lots of t-shirts, shorts, and socks
  • Alarm clock
  • Linens (extra long twin)
  • Towels
  • Pillow
  • Blankets
  • Sanitary/hygiene products

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